Cooking Demonstration

Thursday, May 28th

5:30 pm – Wine & Cheese Tasting provided by Delta Wholesale


Friday, May 29th

12:30 – 

2:00 – 

3:30 – Venice Kitchen

Saturday, May 30th

12:30 – Cooking demo by Italian chef, Gianluca.  Gianluca was born and raised in Rome and moved to Nashville, TN in January of this year.  Gianluca is an expert in Italian food and wine. His passion is teaching Americans the Italian way of eating, drinking, sharing and enjoying food and wine.

2:00 - Feast with Priest! An Italian Priest will be demonstrating how to cook a delicious meal.

3:00– Cooking demo by Italian  professional chef, cousin to Gianluca.

Looking for a more interactive dining experience?


Join one of our many guest chefs conducting cooking demos in an air-conditioned Cooking Tent.


The Cooking Demo tent is FREE to the public and you can come, sit down, watch a demo, and then sample the food.

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