Luigi’s Cafe

Have dinner in the air conditioned comfort of Luigi’s Cafe while overlooking the park and enjoying the music and people.  Dinner will consist of a meat or veggie entree, salad, bread and dessert, all for just $15.  Service begins at 6:00 pm; first come first served (no reservations).  We will have sodas, water and wine available for an additional cost.

  • Friday, May 29th – Venice Kitchen


       Menu –  Rasta Pasta

                         Spinach Lasagna

                         Salad & Bread

                         Sweet Corn Cakes

& Strawberries

           – 15 tickets

  • Saturday, May 30th – Pete & Sams

       Menu – Lasagna a la FORNO en CASSEROLE

                       Eggplant Parmigiano

                       Ms. Vita Salad

                       Italian Spinach

                       Bread & Parmesan Cheese

                       Mini Cannoli

            – 15 tickets






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Presented by Holy Rosary Parish