Team Cooking Contest


Spaghetti Gravy

Saturday, May 30th 12:00 p.m.

Spaghetti Gravy is the cage fight of Italian cooking!  You’ll spar with some of the BEST Gravy makers in Memphis for cash prizes and ABSOLUTE bragging rights.  Each cooking team enters one 20 oz. sample to be judged on-site by a panel of gravy experts.  The best Gravy takes all!

Anything Italian

Friday, May 29th 7:00-7:30 p.m.

Anything Italian is wide open, cooking creativity! Each cook team enters one appetizer, entree or dessert dish that best delivers the essence of Italian cooking. Contestants are judged by a committee on creativity, taste and “Italian-ness”.

Registration Details

If you have any questions or need to make arrangements, please call Vickie & Richard Ranson at

(901) 606-5123 or



Friday, May 29th 4:30 pm

Showmanship is your opportunity to entertain. Using skits, songs, decorations, WHATEVER you dream up, each cooking team competes to capture our hearts and end the debate of Greatest Showman!  Contestants are judged on originality, performance and production.

Peoples Choice

Saturday, May 30th 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

People’s Choice is just what it says, the public’s FAVORITE choice! The top six cooking teams in previous year’s Spaghetti Gravy contest each enter one Spaghetti Gravy sampling that is blindly judged by festival goers who make a donation to participate. Each donation is allocated to the gravy that each tester liked the best. Once totaled, the People’s Choice is awarded to the cooking team that received the most donations!

All proceeds from the People’s Choice will benefit The ANGEL Program, so come out to the festival, sample some great spaghetti gravy and help raise money for some very special kids! The ANGEL Program offers year round intensive instruction for children living with autism using innovative teaching techniques.

Learn more about the Angel Program - Click Here

Other Fun Italian Contests

Saturday,  May 3oth All Day

After you’re finished proving your gravy, compete in our other FUN events!  Homemade Wine, Best Happy Hour Drink, Best Booth, Best Powder Room and Best T-Shirt are all fun, light-hearted competitions that EVERYONE can enjoy.

Best Happy Hour Drink Sponsor

Memphis Italian Festival 2019

Team Cooking Contest Winners

Spaghetti Gravy Contest

1st Place – Oliveus
2nd Place – Molti Cuigini
3rd Place – The Spicolis
4th Place – Mama Biondini's
5th Place – Paisanos
6th Place – Frankie Four Fingers Famiglia

BLIND Spaghetti Gravy Contest

1st Place – Molti Cuigini

Anything Italian Contest

1st Place – Meatball So Hard
2nd Place – Two Italians, One Polack & Lotsa Rednecks
3rd Place – Lords of the Rigatoni

Homemade Wine Contest

1st Place – Paisanos
2nd Place – Eat, Drink & Be Italian
3rd Place – La Fondatores

Powder Room Contest

1st Place – Italian Vagrants
2nd Place – Pasta La Vista
3rd Place – Pastafarians


Team Shirt Contest

1st Place – Ciao Y'All!
2nd Place – Luigi & Pasquales
3rd Place – Pasta Pigs

Best Happy Hour Drink

1st Place – Garbolucci's
2nd Place – Italian Vagrants
3rd Place – Meatball So Hard

Father Milton Guthrie “You’re Great” Award

Ciao Y'All!

The Bob Noonan Founders Award

Mark Lynch

Peoples Choice Award

Mama Biondini's

Grazie ai nostri Sponsor

Presented by Holy Rosary Parish